Aults newsletter article

Ault Insurance Brokers act as brokers to the Swimming Teachers Association and as such we advise the STA on all insurance matters to ensure that the covers offered to their members meet exacting requirements. Individual members automatically qualify for public liability cover with an indemnity limit of £10 million jointly underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited and Zurich Insurance.

Over recent months we have received a number of claims reported to us by swim schools where regrettably the proprietor has opted not to take out insurance cover in the name of the club. It would appear that members are relying on their personal membership insurance cover with the STA to protect a swim school or club they are running.
If during the course of running a swim school business, an incident occurs that gives rise to a claim and the instructor concerned receives a claim from a third party alleging a breach of duty, then the personal membership cover would almost certainly respond to the claim. However in the event that a claim is made against the club itself or one of its officials then the personal membership cover will not indemnify them.

Our advice is always to make sure that your club or school has the relevant club covers in place and not to rely solely on your membership cover when running a swim school business.
This leads us onto another point about which there seems to be a great deal of debate, the question of “Do I need Employers’ Liability Insurance”? Again we would advise that in our experience, members misunderstand the circumstances under which they need employers’ liability cover.

Employers’ liability is of course a legal requirement and it is not, as is widely misunderstood, reliant on whether or not you pay your staff. In fact anyone, whether it be an assistant that just receives expenses, a volunteer or even a self employed person, that is working under the banner of your swim school is classed as in your employ and whilst they are in your charge and under your guidance you will have employer’s liability exposure.

Our specialised swimming school and club scheme underwritten by Hiscox Insurance gives clubs and schools all the cover they need. The scheme is marketed under the name of Swimsure and can be accessed by phoning our 0845 phone number you will find elsewhere on the web site or 0121 569 8765 and speaking to Vince Parker who handles the scheme at Ault Insurance Brokers.
It is our recommendation that if you have any concerns over either of the insurance related matters mentioned previously in this article or need insurance cover for your swimming club, that you give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.